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Our delivered products and projects portfolio

With an agile engineering mindset, we have delivered multiple products and projects, ranging in complexity and scale from prototypes, to large enterprise solutions.

From newly conceived ideas, to legacy projects that need optimization, we have tackled multiple challenges to consistently deliver value to the product, without losing sight of product roadmap, its stakeholders, and their customers.


Our team created a software that provided insights into field operations. It enabled online and offline resource tracking, customer bookings, and fare estimation using APIs from Google, Here, and Mapbox and data to help generate heat maps for demand estimation and capacity planning. Some of the salient features of the software included customized reports, connection logs, and online and offline tracking.


Our team worked on a project for a fertilizer firm that created a robust system with offline mobile support to mark the location of farm fields spread across 500,000 acres of land and collect GPS data over time. Some of the primary features of this software included customizable surveys, rule-based promotion and approval, comprehensive audit and verification, and integration of an open-source BI server.

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